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We customize your products with your logo for you

FORTA places your logo and any other information you want on its products, as serigraphy on crutches and walkers and on the plastic lateral sides on wheelchairs.

We offer the highest level of customization of your products. In addition of offering you our products in a lot of colors, we now offer you the possibility of advertising your brand on the products you get from us.

On the following examples you will see some pictures of our products with our logo, just imagine if that was your logo, with your own information.


Crutches customization

As you can see on the picture below, we use serigraphy (silkscreen) to 'write' whatever we want on the backside of our BCR crutches aluminum cane. We can add to your logo some contact information as address, phone number or even web site.

crutch logo

We can print it in many different colors, you will choose whichever you want but notice that the background color is metallic grey, from the aluminum cane.

The space it can take is shown as a red rectangle (that, obviously, will not be really printed) and it has a measures of 50x10mm.

This type of serigraphy is used on our BCR and BCR-N models. To customize other types of crutches you will have to consult us.


Walkers customization


To customize your seat walkers (ARAs), we print your logo and any information you want on their seat.

walker seat customization

In this case, it has to be white, but the color of the seat can be chosen of course.

NO-SEAT WALKERSwalker customization

In the case of AIR or CAR walkers, whatever you want to print, it will be printed on the horizontal aluminum bar, at the position marked with a black circle on the picture (any color you wish).


Wheelchairs customization

Any FORTA's wheelchair can be customized as follows.

To customize your wheelchairs, FORTA places your logo on its wheelchairs lateral plaques, at the position marked with a red circle on the next picture.

BASIC wheelchair

Your logo and the information you want will be printed on a plastic that will be attached to the fairings of the chair.

wheelchair logo example 1

Remember that FORTA's wheelchairs fairings can have different styles and colors. You can see some examples below..

In the case of renting wheelchairs, we can add text on the front part of the fairing (in addition to the other logo and information), but only with flat colored fairings. Below you can see an example with spanish text.

sillas de ruedas con serigrafiado de alquiler