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Our history

FABRICACIONES ORTOPÉDICAS ALBACETE S. L.( FORTA S.L. ) was created at the end of 1996 with the goal of manufacture of orthopediblue BCRc products.


As a starting product, it was developed a new kind of anatomic English cane height adjustable in elbow and cane that represented something new to the market and was registered as a patent.


The first sale of this new product was completed on the month of May of 1997, after the design and production of the necessary molds and the installation of the needed machines.


BASIC wheelchair



From that moment on, the growth has been constant and in these years FORTA has designed and manufactured a whole spectrum of crutches, as well as walkers, wheelchairs, hoists

FORTA has multiple patents, between them we highlight these: Two of our walkers as they have innovative solutions, our Basic wheelchair which can be narrowed even when the user is on top of the chair and our hoist Práctika, which has a unique system that allows it to be totally folded.

FORTA Practikca hoist


All FORTA’s products have the mark CE, meeting all the requirements of the standards of a sanitary product of Class I.


In the year 2004 the company was certified with the ISO 9001:2000.


Nowadays, after three location changes becauseof space needs, FORTA has a facility of around 3000 square meters in Albacete, Spain. More than 30 employees work with us and continue to develop new products. You can get to know our workplace watching our corporate video.


With more than a thousand clients, over these fifteen years of manufacturing, FORTA has produced more than 1.500.000 crutches, 400.000 walkers and 20.000 wheelchairs. Theirs designs have change the style of the orthopedic products.

In Spain, FORTA is leader on walkers sells, being several of our products copied by rival companies. The brand FORTA is a quality benchmark, both on product and service.

Its international presence is each year greater, selling nowadays in more than 20 countries all around the world.

The accident rate in the company is almost zero and the ambience of the workplace is friendly and family.